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Alpaca beans are a wonderful soil amendment for your landscaping or your home garden. Unlike many manures alpaca is a “cold” manure. That is, it does not need age before you can use it safely. We recommend adding alpaca beans liberally to your gardens when you till the soil for planting. It is also helpful to till alpaca beans into the soil at the end of the season.

Bring superior health to all of your houseplants by using a squirt of this top dressing every other week after watering. Especially effective conditioning for potted orchids. A $2.50 bottle will take care of a plant for 6 months. Email for more information.

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Keep an eye on this space for new goodies as they are produced -- Shawl pins handcrafted by Dale. Large Stitch markers to keep you on track while crafting with Fair Winds Farm yarns!