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Fair Winds Farmers

Originally from Ohio, Dale and Jan came to farming a bit later in life than many farmers.  Both had completed careers in the military (Dale in the Army and Jan in the Navy) and then worked in the field of education.  Dale taught high school and served in the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  Jan was an administrator at the university level.

Dale has a love of the outdoors and spends a great deal of time on his trusty Kubota tractor.  He maintains that the farm needs the upkeep.  Jan maintains that he likes being able to drive around moving stuff.

Jan has a love of all things fiber.  She is an excellent knitter and does some knitwear design.  She picks up other crafting hobbies at the drop of a hat and enjoys applying her talents to developing new product ideas for the farm.

They are extremely proud of both of their children Marie and Allen who are grown and have brought them the great joy of grandchildren.  You can catch a glimpse of all of them (Jan, Dale, Marie, Allen, and the daughters-in-law and grandchildren) in the farm Instagram feed.  

Jan and Dale are committed to the values of inclusion and social justice.  They believe in sustainable farm practices and caring for the environment.

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